Truth and error

Thanks (tongue in cheek) to the CTICR for the 11th hour post concerning the response to question 5 “How is the gospel at stake in the ordination question?”

This group exemplifies the unimportance that the LCA Leadership places upon the issue of the Ordination of Men and Women into the Office of the Public Ministry.

Please see http://owl.lca.org.au/?page_id=41 as a misrepresentation on the full statement

Once again the CTICR is taking a balanced view. On one occasion it even said, “scripture and theology permit the ordination of women in the LCA” http://wp.wmn.org.au/lca-and-wo-history/the-final-report-of-the-lca-commission-on-theology-and-inter-church-relations-on-the-ordination-of-women/

In the upcoming Synod, I ask you, are we considering truth and error or are we considering Option ‘A’ and option ‘B’?

I believe that any decision reached in the upcoming Synod will be based on the assumption that we are debating options, rather than truth and error.

Rev. Chris Raatz
Grampians Lutheran Parish

Comments 2

  • How does one determine the difference between truth and error, or for that matter what God is telling us to do? Just wondering how any one on either side of the debate can express any point of view in the certainty that God’s will is being followed. I wish that I had the nous or confidence or certainty that some seem to have on this matter. Meanwhile in the absence of any convincing evidence against I will continue to support women’s ordination.

  • If we are to remain loyal to our Constitution, and in particular Article II, women cannot be ordained because the overseer of a Parish/Congregation is to be a husband of one wife, c.f. 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. If the LCA is to depart from the Word of God it is to depart from it’s own roots and Confession.
    Christian P.J. Bahnerth
    MTh, PhD

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