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This space is for brief comments, not for hefty theological documents (that’s what Digging a Little Deeper is for). This is a safe place for laypeople (and pastors who don’t want to submit entire documents) to have a voice in this conversation. Of course, our Ordination. We’re Listening guiding principles of respectful dialogue apply here, too, as they do wherever this conversation occurs across the LCA/NZ.

If you like, you can subscribe to OWL for Everybody, so you will be alerted whenever a new post is submitted. All posts are subject to the moderator’s ruling.

You can submit a new post or reply to an existing post. In order to give everybody an opportunity to be heard, you may comment only once in every calendar week in the OWL for Everybody conversation. This will ensure that the more confident contributors do not dominate the dialogue.

Posts to OWL for Everybody are restricted to approximately 3000 characters (approx 450 words). Your post will be automatically truncated once it reaches 3000 characters.

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