A letter of appeal and encouragement to the LCA

Click here to download the document A letter of appeal and encouragement to the LCA (Adam Hensley, Stephen Hultgren, Stephen Pietsch, Thomas Pietsch; June 2018).

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  • Thankyou for this letter of appeal and encouragement to the LCA. It is not divisive in its tone and read in its entirety is God pleasing and wholesome. This letter unpacks the very nature of what constitutes the church. No deconstruction here or wrenching words and passages out of context. The essence of the letter ‘Does Scripture Permit?’ is one of great responsibility, a matter of conscience and public confession.

  • Speaking the truth in love is the most powerful and effective means we have for establishing unity. All else is sinking sand.
    Thank you for your, courage, clarity and adherence to the truth of God’s Word which sits over and above us all. All praise and thanks to God for your letter of appeal and encouragement.

  • I very much appreciate the letter and believe it reflects having the “mind of christ”, rather than the “emotions of the world” when considering WO. I would appeal to to those who have strong emotions around this issue, to read the letter in it’s entirety and not stop reading as soon as they encounter a statement they disagree wth.

  • I thank God and the authors of this letter of appeal and encouragement to the LCA/NZ. It is good to hear the voice of our Theologians and Teachers on the important issues of Biblical interpretation of issues which affect the integrity, teaching and life of the Church. “A sure defence, Lord, is Thy word, Thy Church’s buckler, shield, and sword; In its great power let us confide, That we may seek no other guide.” v.7 LHS#260

  • A hearty ‘thank you’ to the authors of the letter of appeal and encouragement. It’s both biblically sound and beautifully worded. My hope is that it will be widely read and well received in the LCA, so that we may indeed “be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm” (Eph 6:13).

  • Thank you for this letter of appeal & encouragement; Godly leaders providing Godly leadership as the Church needs you to do.

  • I am very pleased with this letter of appeal and encouragement. It is the very thing for which we have craved for a long time from our leadership.
    As the letter points out, there is so much at stake if we proceed to listen to the world and ignore the counsel of God’s Word. Furthermore, there is no demonstrable gain, as the letter also points out, in doing so.

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