Blessed to be a blessing

We have taken God’s love and turned it into lust… we have taken God’s hand of forgiveness and turned it into a wedge and burden… we have taken God’s creation and used it for selfish purposes… we have taken God’s compassion and turned it into a work to score points before others… is it any wonder that we have taken God’s Word and used it to our own advantage… is it any wonder that we have taken God given authority and headship and turned it into a weapon of power and abuse?
Let us all listen humbly together to God’s Word, and forget what the world prescribes to be love, or forgiveness, or economy, or equality, or giving, or headship and authority! God calls his people to be different from the world, and yet to live in the world! My prayer is that we will always be God’s people, blessed to be a blessing.

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  • Well written, John,
    If we would all be a little more interested in not turning God’s Word into what we want it to be, then we would be a blessing to others. Statistics show that where people have distanced themselves from God’s Word in one area of life, the same distancing invariably occurs in the next area – particularly in relation to morality. If I can find a way to add a table to support that, I will add it here.
    Oh, that we would again seek to get back to a closeness with his Word. Many of these issues would then not arise.

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