Ordination. Young people are listening.

Many young people are indeed interested in the life of our church, including the complex issue of ordination. They want to make a contribution—but how can their voices be heard?

For its second event of this nature, Grow Ministries (LCA Board for Child Youth & Family Ministry) invited applications from 15–18-year-olds from all LCA districts to attend its National Youth Forum. The gathering, attended by two youth representatives from every district except New Zealand, was held in Adelaide, 10–12 April.

The budding church leaders joined in a full afternoon’s conversation about the ordination question, guided by pastors Fraser Pearce and Matt Thomas, and referring to the dialogue booklet being used by congregations across the LCA as they explored the topic (downloadable from the Homepage or the Resources page). Before commencing the conversation, the young people committed to the principles of respectful and caring dialogue, which are outlined in the booklet.

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