Meditation ideas for study sessions

Devotional action
    • Use ‘Responsive Prayer’ (Morning or Evening) from LHS p.55 & 56 as a framework,
      adding appropriate readings, hymns and collects I brief prayers (see attached).
    • Use devotional action to support unity in Christ:
      • use a crucifix and candles as the focal point;
      • begin with the Invocation;
      • stand in a circle, perhaps holding hands, for prayer;
      • invite sentence prayers from participants;
      • share the Peace
      • close with the Lord’s Prayer said together and benediction.
New life in Christ
Read:Colossians 3:1‐14
(Perhaps read from a paraphrase, such as Eugene Peterson’s ‘The Message’)
Thoughts for reflection:looking at the big picture, rather than my own little world

putting on Christ’s eyes, seeing things from his perspective

the Christ‐like characteristics we pray for
Life together in Christ
Read:Colossians 3:15‐17
(Perhaps read from a paraphrase, such as Eugene Peterson’s ‘The Message’)
Thoughts for reflection:how to keep in tune with each other

the discipline of community for a Christian

what it means to live and think and study in the name of Jesus the

discipline of praise and thankfulness
Read:Romans 12:1‐21
Thoughts for reflection:individualism versus community

different but equally wonderful gifts in service of the body

cultivating humility, encouragement, service in the body rather thanpower
The art of listening
Read:Proverbs 18:13,15

Luke 10:38‐42

Matthew 11:15 (‘If anyone has ears to hear, let them listen!’)
Thoughts for reflection:the need to listen

our impulse is to talk about ourselves ‐ our agendas are dominant

listening firstly to our Master

real listening to others is walking in their shoes being open to listen and learn
Living at peace
Read:2 Thessalonians 3:16
Thoughts for reflection:the effect of the current discussion of women’s ordination on peace in the church/congregation

peace at the same time as disagreement
Share the peace
Close by reading Philippians 4:7 (The peace of God, which passes all understanding …)
A psalm in times of change
Praise God, all Christians in Australia.

Thank the Lord for our Church and its wonderful gifts of grace which our loving God has showered on us.

The Lord never ceases in giving to his people in the Word,

in the Sacred Meal,

in the ongoing joy of belonging that is God’s baptismal blessing.

In the rush of everyday life, do we too easily forget these gifts?

Do we allow our daily cares to swallow up our joy in God’s salvation?

Do we let our fear, resentment and anger towards our brothers and sisters in Christ undermine the fellowship of our Church?

Forgive us Lord, for our failure to put our trust in you.

Forgive us Lord, for looking backwards instead of facing today and tomorrow with confidence and hope in you alone.

Guide us, sustain us, and free us

so that we might share your message of new life with all Australians –

All who are living and dying without the hope that is found only in Jesus.

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